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Date: 03/19/01

Here are five new articles on performance management topics I've found.
There are two *very* recent articles in the press, two heavier,
research-based articles on sales performance measurement, and an article
by performance appraisal expert Dick Grote on handling difficult

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In this issue:

> Making Sure Employees Measure Up

Creating the right performance appraisal system for your organization can
help ensure that appraisals are done correctly, fairly and on time. HR
Magazine, March 2001

>Companies Turn to Grades, and Employees Go to Court

An increasingly popular technique for evaluating employees is prompting
lawsuits charging discrimination at three big companies. NY Times, March
19, 2001.

>An Exploratory Analysis of Salesperson Perceptions of the
>Criteria used in Performance Appraisals, Job Satisfaction
>and Organizational Commitment

The purpose of this research is to examine the relationships existing
between one aspect of performance appraisals, salesperson perceptions of
the appropriateness of the criteria used, and two other variables,
organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Journal of Personal
Selling and Sales Management, March 2000.

>Sales Performance: Timing of Measurement and Type of
>Measurement Make a Difference

This paper investigates how the time of measurement and the "type" of
variable used to measure sales performance can impact the results of sales
performance studies. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management,
January 2000.

>Performance Appraisals: Solving Tough Challenges

Find out how to handle appraisals in some of the most difficult situations.
HR Magazine, July 2000.

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