Dangerous tools LO26398

From: Bruce Jones (bjones1@nwths.com)
Date: 03/20/01

Replying to LO26381 --

Don & Fellow LOers:

I have not contributed for a while because of school and other things,
however, on this I have to at least get some information before doing so.

Don... which tools are you referring to? I agree that before turning
anybody loose with any tool they should be trained in its use and misuse.
I have seen well-meaning people destroy a presentation because they did
not know how, or were never trained, to use PowerPoint or other
presentation tools.

The same would hold true for any LO/KM tool.

The reason I ask ... I am collaborating on a tool to analyze a corporation

Bruce Jones
Staff Development Specialist
Education Dept.
Northwest Texas Healthcare System
Amarillo, Texas

PS: At ... How are you doing? Heard you were under the weather. Hope
all is well!



"Bruce Jones" <bjones1@nwths.com>

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