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Date: 12/31/69

Call for Papers and Presentations on Collaborative Work Systems

New ways of organizing and building human capital are emerging and the
practices are spreading. One of these is the movement toward use of
collaborative work systems (CWS) which includes the creation of team-based

This Call provides two participation opportunities:

1. Contributions to a Collaborative Work Systems Fieldbook that is
intended to improve practice. The pieces of a fieldbook provide concepts,
tools, and informative examples. Submissions are sought from people
employing a variety of approaches to organizational change and
development, including the Baldrige Award business model, to improve
collaborative practices for performance results.

2. Selected papers will be invited to present at the 10th annual symposium
on Collaborative Work Systems sponsored by the Center for the Study of
Work Teams in Denton, Texas. (presently scheduled for May 22-24, 2002).

Submission Overview:
This is intended only as an overview, please review the full project
details located at:

Submit by April 20th
1. a cover letter
2. title of proposed paper
3. identify the general topic of your proposed paper. Indicate if
conceptual, an instrument or tool, or a mini-case.
4. An abstract of the proposed submission (150-250 words).
5. A brief biographical sketch (75-100 words) for each author.

Questions contact Nancy Gorman at or

Selection Process

1. Submission materials (see above) must be received by e-mail no
later than April 20, 2001.

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