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Date: 04/04/01

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Sajeela M ramsey wrote

> Beautiful Hanching! Thanks so much for sharing these. How is everything?
> Sajeela

Dear Sajeela,

Thanks for your mail. The story of Mr. Ch'eng was nearly ten centuries
ago. Since I got positive reinforcement, I like to share one of my
personal stories, to think Rick and many other friends.

Mr. Jack Blass lives in London. I received his email to buy my Chinese
version of Lean Thinking( alas, a book attacks the concept of 'LO'. Never
Mind, 'No Matter' as my last story said.) for his Taiwanese friends. I
proposed we do books 'bartering' since I don't accept credit card ( my
word-of-mouth business is far from Chaordic type).

He agreed and we made a friendship.

I asked him to buy for me Profit Beyond Measure which is dedicated to Dr.
Deming with a long foreword from Dr. Senge. The first choice is easy since
Prof. Johnson is very kind to give me permission to translate his speeches
in SoL and DEN to put on my website. ( I didn't do it but I introduced his
concepts to two classes of graduate accounting students. )

Later Jack told me I still have another book option for a fair bartering.
I used one of Rick's recent link to Amazon to ask Jack to buy Management
as a Performance Art(?).

So the deal has many unexpected positive side effects. This is the 'deal'
I like. It is beyond the 'order-line' concept promoted in Profit Beyond
Measure. Or the deal and the related correspondences among 'us' really did
'bring the life to business'.

(A note: I had one question like to ask about World As Lover, World As
Self by J. Macy quoted in p.244 of Johnson's book. I hope someone with
that book contact me.)

I had some other nice stories posted in Deming Electronics Network
recently. Perhaps you like to 'see' the stories in the other branch of the
river of my partial life.

Thank Rick again.

Cloudy and rainy days here.

Hanching Chung


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