Knowledge Management in a Learning Organization LO26493

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 04/07/01

I was asked:

>How does a learning organization manage the knowledge of its constituents?

If it's a learning organization, then the notion of

  --> The organization managing the knowledge of it's constituents

is less important than the notion

   --> The constituents managing their own knowledge.

The starting point for effective learning is personal aspiration. If
people can become more clear about what they want to be able to do, then
they will be more clear about what knowledge and learning they need in
order to do so. The role of the organization is to facilitate this
process, much less so to manage their knowledge.

One other point: What is knowledge, that we think it can be managed? If
knowledge is is "know how", that is, the capacity for effective action,
then this is not so easily managed. (There is a lot of "know about" type
knowledge in any organization that is much easier to manage.)

Can anyone here on the LO list add to this?

   -=- Rick


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