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Date: 04/14/01

"Indeterminacy has an important social aspect; it requires the cooperation
of others."

Dear Invisible Learner,

Ray Evans Harrell taught me here that one can only know what one is
taught. Which is not a quotation for me right now but an understanding.

Here is something else I was taught much longer ago. It is an advantage to
retain some of the child's ability to make 'flying leaps' over portions of
technical information which I cannot understand, in order that I may
remain free to really think for myself and avoid that dungeon of narrow
specialization beloved of the educatedfewsome;-). This discipline that
some see as a lack, is actually more about how to touch the creative void
itself which is, even if only to me;-) an appearance of the total
structure. For me there is one archetype, the divine self creating child.
It is he who expresses himself below...In answer to a question as yet
unasked from a place as yet unvisited:

 - any incursion of manic thinking (profound-deep) into surface thought
(unartistic-shallow) leaves always in its wake measurers and measures that
they find (self induce) of incoherence and fragmentation. They are treated
to a gap, a fissure if you will;-) of what may lay beyond, inside the
solid rocks of a superficial logic and linearity. Our ability to on the
one hand;-) let go, accept more freely a partial and incomplete even
incoherent surface structure brings with it, for free;-) a richer matrix
of undifferntiated images of 'future spaced' possibilities, like children
babbling with bubbling in a playground, in which newness is risen,
arising, ar'ose (and a-rose for you dearest Judy Tal as you cycle through
your many learnings;-) And from that desert, now at Easter time, Moses
stands there the undifferentiated body of primary process in a history of
a peoples, to be all peoples in due course. And Aaron ((A 'ar' on)) a
translation and a necessary revision process of that other primary
process, and embodying the artist's, the true and creative artist's
capacity to use the (apparent) failure of complete translation as a
residual link, a commutational point of deepest departure, ((deep art
ure)) ((a per ture)) to the better depth. Poor Schoenburg, like Moses
identified samewise 'for his own personal reasons' could bring forth no
singable melody for his audience with closed eyes and ears. Aaron's
musical message, more melodic, soothing, smoothing, respectful, mmmm;-) is
always the wrong kind of inspiration for the artist, for it excludes the
essence of tragedy. So this score, that score ends on the broken and
spoken whisper of despair. A final silence more shattering than the
trumpets of victory...HE HAS GONE AWAY, Ha ha. So it was, so it is, so it
will always be that the unconscious logic, the 'engineering of the soul'
without which all great projections fail and fall, and all rancid concrete
plans fail and fall into dispute and disrepair, meaning there will be no
happy ending only for the one and few, but the happiest of endings for the
many and all. Love even to the judgers of other's love,


Dedicated in humility to the memory of F.B., J.J., A.E the Warburg Institute
and the Bollingen Foundation


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