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Date: 04/16/01

Replying to LO26499 --

Dear Chris Klopper,

I am very appreciative of your posting, marketing was always mysterious
and complicated to me, now with the seven E's it is refined and elegant.

Last things first, and I think I may be saying this to the right kind of
man;-) There may be a significant advantage in RSA being a 'third world
country with mixed economy'. You have by far less collapsing to do than
in the tightly coupled debt ridden over priced fear driven economies of
the so called 'first world'. You can be my guest in the UK any time...;-)
we need the tourists;-)

In 1990's BT ran that marketing initiative you spoke of, "Its Good to
Talk." Later (1997) they ran some marketing based on the ideas of Prof. G
Egan and Dr. G Giorgiades threaded into feed-back from thoudands of
interviews. This research showed that six out of ten people (ratio) wanted
to 'become better communicators'. A constant refrain I hear from some
leaders in industry who talk with me;-) (in another guise) is, 'people
simply want to be listened to' which I interpreted as the other necessary
end of that entropic flux? In this regard four key points.

1/ It feels like a genuine two way experience, with both of you equally
involved and interested.
2/ You both feel you are being heard and understood, there's a willingess to
be open;-)
3/ The atmosphere feels comfortable, so even if what you are saying is
difficult, the important things get said.
4/ The conversation makes a difference. Something happens that is useful or
satisfying as a result.

Point 4/ is interesting because it repeats that 'difference that makes a
difference' theme and infers also an emergence of some kind, based on some
dynamic mutuality, an unlumo? Dunno...;-)

A golden rule...The more you assume that other people are just the same as
you, the more room for misunderstanding in both directions, such an
assumption is the enemy of good communication. Paraphrasing now...
Similarity creates possibility space. Difference makes it worthwhile - if
more for not chasing own tail anymore;-)

Chris does that rise into something like

less " = "
"both< and >"

to you ?

The 25th of 25 points of summary was...'Be yourself: Being genuine is at
the heart of all worthwhile communication.'

Does that arise from agape or into agape? Why do I say agape? Because
agape means 'unconditionally' loving and when people say 'I simply want to
be listened to.' I often hear an echo that says, 'I want to be listened to
simply.' Cleanly, without judgement.

OK so I am a novice at this Chris. Over and you, of course.

Love and thanks for a great lesson in marketing.



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