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From: Hans Jørgen Andersen (
Date: 04/19/01

Dear participants.

I am Hans Jørgen Andersen from Denmark, Ph.D. student with a project about
advising milk producers (dairy cattle farmers).

With a background as veterinarian, 7 years in large animal practice and 7
years in The Danish Dairy Board, I have made all (or many of) the mistakes
in relation to practically advising farmers and to design concepts for
advisory services.

The mistakes have been related to not being consious about the learning
process and not using this approach to the farmers when working in
practice, but being focused on the animal and the phycical surroundings
(the contact to the farmer as a core but not deliberately) , and, in the
Danish Dairy Board, being to much a part of a main stream (research and
development) general and conceptual approach based on technical analysis.
(The consequence of a educational setup within the veterinary study and/or
the consequence of the still existing setup within our countyrwide
advisory approach??).

So now I am working in the opposite direction, skipping many of the
technical approaches and focusing on learning and recognition. I get help
from a good supervisor (a psychologist from the University of Aarhus), a
comprehensive course based on the Tavistock tradition, and criss-crossing
through the litterature. But it is still in the dim which path to follow,
everything is interesting and nothing but focus is yet lost.

After this short introduction, I might have a question for proposals for a
6 months stay at a foreign University, other relevant institution, or
other projects where epidemiology, qualitative methods, action research
(participartory approaches in developing countries) can be combined.
(Proposal for further links, ideas, experiences etc. are also very

Kind regards

Hans Jørgen Andersen
Veterinary and Milk Quality Department
Danish Dairy Board
Frederiks Allé 22
8000 Aarhus C

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