Burke-Litwin Model LO26544

From: Roy Benford (roy@benford.demon.co.uk)
Date: 04/19/01

Replying to LO26518 --

Hanching, Edgar, & Sajeela

Thanks for the pointers to literature on the Burke -Litwin model and the

Personally, I have some reservations because the first bit of the model
(environment, mission, strategy, management practices etc. leading to
organisational climate) is all organisational stuff and the second bit of
the model (work unit climate, individual needs & values, jobs-skills
match, etc ) is all individual stuff. And, I am not sure about the
validity of combining systems at different levels into one model.

If I understand Edgar and Sajeela correctly, the model is good for gaining
some understanding of how things might be working but it does not provide
any levers to pull to get things to change.

Thanks for the help.

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


"Roy Benford" <roy@benford.demon.co.uk>

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