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Date: 04/21/01

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On the other hand Richard, Ursula Le Guinn in the "Name of the World is
Forest" had the original people of a distant planet rise up against their
human oppressors and once they were captured decided what the worst
punishment would be. They decided to kill all of the women and leave the
men to live out their lives alone on an island. Having watched their
wives and daughters slaughtered the men slowly went crazy. I suspect
Confuscious would have done the same.

Ray Evans Harrell

> Was "botherhood" intentional, Sajeela? A freudian slip?
> I'm with you, though, and glad you challenged the "brotherhood" word. It
> isn't about political correctness. It is about identifying the language
> that continues to evoke privilege and to oppress others. So, brothers,
> free yourselves. And you can't be truly free until each one of us
> (sisters and brothers) are free.
> Even Confucius is cited thus: "A hundred women are still worth only half a
> testicle."
> Even great thinkers had their mental models, eh?
> regards,
> Doc


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