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Date: 04/23/01

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Hi Mark,

The process:

First you have to define the processes that are part of the area you want
to manage and measure.
Second: decompose these processes into activities that are performed by
various people
Group these activities in main and sub activities
Define the most important steps
Get commitment on these steps
Define required output for the steps in terms of goods, services or
information. This output is your performance area.

Then you start to define the KPI's for the performance area:
 - in terms of quality ( how wel does something happens according to your
norms and that of the customer/employee in question, how often does
something not happen, how often it is deliverd on the righ/wrong place and
 - in terms of quantity (how many is succeeded, how mauch time was
 - in terms of costs (costs of work done, investments and out of paocket
costs, indirect costs, opportunity costs)

After defining the KPI's you will have to choose wich KPI's you will use.

To many of them will diffuse the overall look, to few will means a loss of

Hope this helps

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