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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 04/23/01

Replying to LO26509 --

Dear Organlearners,

Greetings to you all.

In LO25509 I quoted Maturana who wrote in METADESIGN

. Living systems have a plastic structure, and the course that their
. structural changes follows while they stay alive is contingent change
. modulated by the structure to their own internal dynamics of
. structural changes triggered in them by their interactions in the
. medium they exist as such.

My response to it began with

>Here the "the structure to their own internal dynamics
>of structural changes" seems for me to point to the
>"entropic force-flux pairs" existing in any non-equilibrated

This signalled what would be happening in the rest of that contribution,
namely an exploring on "entropy production" as the necessary requirement
of the emergence of "Homo sapiens amans" (HSA) from "Homo sapiens" (HS).
The sapiens means "wise" and the amans means "loving". Let us now explore
the same emergence further from the "seven essentialities of reativity"
(7Es) as the sufficiency requirement. The 7Es are liveness, sureness,
wholeness, fruitfulness, spareness, otherness and openness.

QUESTION: Will HSA emerge trhough independent individuals of HS?

I do not think so. HSA will rather have to emerge from a community of
individuals. As far as I understand the 7Es myself, I cannot even imagine
how HSA will emerge from any one individual, what to say of many of them
independently. The emergence will be one "mitsein" involving many
"dassein"s. That community of individuals may be a Learning Organisation,
but that is another question to answer. This is how my thoughts are guided
by each of the 7Es.

Liveness ("being-becoming") let me think that any individual HS as a
"becoming-being" has to "become" into "amans". This becoming will have to
involve other individuals. I will love (not have to love) them whatever
their past or future becomings to me as individual. I will manifest (not
have to manifest) unconditional love. I may hope for the emergence of HS
into HSA and I may believe it, but if not I will love this emergence, this
hoping and believing are in vain since loving is higher than them.

Sureness ("identity-categoricity") let me think that any individual will
not even have the language to speak of the emergence into "amans". For
example, I translate the "sapiens" into "wise", but have to translate the
"amans" into "loving". We use the root "wis" to form the noun "wisdom",
but we do not have the noun "lovdom" of which the root is "lov". We use
the word love as a noun, but I cannot remember if I ever encountered
somebody using it as the adjective "lov-e" as in the case of "wis-e". We
use the word love also as a verb, but I cannot remember if anybody ever
used the word wise as a verb. Yet I will "wise" to become a "wis-ing"
person just as I will "love" to become a "lov-ing" person. Then for "Homo
sapiens amans" both the translations "Homo wise love" and "Homo wising
loving" make sense for me.

Wholeness ("monadicity-associativity") let me think that no individual can
unite and cooperate for the emergence of HS into HSA. It takes at least
two individuals to show monadicity and at least three to show
associativity. As an independent individual I cannot unite nor cooperate
with myself. I am dependent on other individuals to complexity into the
requisite monadicity and associativity for such and emergence. With this
increasing wholeness of the "I" into the "We" we will manifest love as a
one-to-many-mapping. Should two parties of the "We" be at war with each
other, I will help them to make peace rather than self taking side in that
war. Should only one of the "We" live in misery, I will help that person
whatever miseries it may cause me so that we can become whole once again.

Fruitfulness ("connect-beget") let me think that I have to connect
effectively to all other individuals whom I share something with. Some
created food which we share. Some articulated their learning into
information which we share. Some worshipped an idol which we otherwise
share. However, I will connect effectively to everybody else whatever the
creating, learning and believing so that loving will emerge. This loving,
even involving the Teacher who once created the Way, will beget me the
Loving God on Whom I depend so much for my own creativity, knowledge and
faith. I will even connect effectively with anybody not knowing the
Teacher or even not wanting to connect effectively with the Teacher.
Loving cannot exclude anybody, not even those who will not love.

Spareness ("quantity-limit") let me think of how many times my thoughts
could not reach the level of complexity requisite for further constructive
creativity. Then I would swear, envy, fear or do similar things which
spill the spiritual blood of other persons. Thus, although as an
individual I want to act with grace according to the order of Melchizedek
bringing peace, my spiritual hands keep on getting more bloody. To
overcome my spiritual limitations, I will commute with other individuals
so that I will learn from them how to evolve in love as the ultimate
limit. This community will quantify what I am still ignorant of despite
all my own inward reflections.

Otherness ("quality-variety") let me think of the many other qualities of
character and not merely the ancient four which can be valued as true,
good, right and beauty. The immense variety in characters of other
individuals keeps on presenting me with differences which I then will use
as entropic forces to enable further evolution in my own character.
Chapter 13 of the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians is most
famous because of exploring Love-agape. However, the previous chapter 12
is just as dear to me because it explores otherness. The many individuals
in the community serve each other through their differences so that the
community becomes one greater whole serving Love.

Openness ("paradigm-open") let me think that the emergence of HS into
HSA is not only for the future, but that it already happened in the past too.
 It involves a paradigm shift of such encompassing nature that it was even
called a rebirth involving the whole of the spirit. Love becomes the
Authentic Rule of all Law preserving perfect freedom. To live in perfect
freedom I will promote the freedom of all other individuals in the
community. The more I open up spiritually to other people who change
themselves, the more I will discover in them the other part of me. I
depend on them just as I depend in each essentiality on the others six to
enlighten me on it. As individual I am like a point of which the
dimensions can be decreased until nothing remains, but within the
community these dimensions will increase until death.

By allowing my thoughts to meander along the 7Es as I did above, I have
come deeply under the impression that the emergence of HSA from HS
involves a community of individuals depending on each other. Actually, I
see no possibility how any independent individual in any collection of
them can become transformed from HS into HSA. A community of individuals
depending on each other makes the organisation of that community an
imperative. In biological taxonomy it is almost impossible to establish a
new species or even new subspecies of an existing species if we have to
work with only one specimen. We need several specimens for each taxon.
Why? Several specimens gives us a richer picture of how all the
individuals are connected ecologically into the species, a community of

The next hot question to answer is what kind of organisation will provide
the requisite complexity so that the emergence from HS into HSA will
indeed happen. The Law of Requisite Complexity (LRC) acts as a solid wall
and an open door. It becomes a solid wall at the edge of chaos into which
we will crash destructively when we attempt a transformation too complex
for us. But the LRC also becomes an open door through which we will emerge
constructively when we have evolved self sufficiently complex. Will the LO
have the capacity to manage the LRC?

With care and best wishes


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