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Date: 04/23/01

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I didn't follow this thread very well but I read Peggy and At mails.
Perhaps I can add a 5 cents mail with some notes. This mail is not for
initiator but try to provide some insights on 'insights' if any. To be
honest speaking, I can not see the point to teach 'organization structure'
in schools.

Peter Senge used 'waves of learning /quality' in his 'Building LOs
'(1992). But I think serious readers might like to read History and Social
Theory by Peter Burke (Polity, 1992) for some interesting concept like

I don't know whether 'forms follow functions' or not but some people think
'strategy' or 'purpose' first and then 'structure'.

For a very brief account of and with some new ideas of so-called
organization structures, LOers might like to read a very short and
interesting chapter on it in The Accelerating Organization by Maria and
Scott-Morgan (Mc-Graw Hill, 1997). Or try H. A. Simon's Administrative
Behavior 'The Anatomy of Organization' ( Free Press, 1996, pp. 329-55) I
like late Prof. Simnon uses 'approaches' for 'representations'
(organizational culture).

Hanching Chung


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The Accelerating Organization: Embracing the Human Face of Change by Arun Maira (Contributor), Peter B. Scott-Morgan (I worked with Arun and Scott-Morgan for a bit at ADL and I like their ideas. ..Rick)

Administrative Behavior : A Study of Decision-Making Processes in Administrative Organizations by Herbert Alexander Simon

History and Social Theory by Peter Burke


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