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From: Eugene Taurman (
Date: 04/30/01

Replying to LO26559 --

In order to maintain skills or learn new skills to keep a job today, do we
know if corporations are successful with providing learning at the
desktop? As this appears to be a more economical way to deliver training,
are corporations and businesses leaning towards this method and finding

Dell Computer is a master at it. They use a system they call stealth
learning. When some one needs to know they can find the answer immediately
on the company web. It is a step beyond Socratic learning in that the
learner develops the question and has immediate access to the answer. They
cover everything thing from how to talk to an employee about body odor to
how to prepare SPC control etc etc. Dell has had to train 200 new
employees per week for years and has no time to waste on classes so they
rely on the learner to know he or she needs to know more. It works very
very well. '


Eugene Taurman


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