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Date: 05/06/01

Dear colleagues: I am in charge of putting on the next annual conference
(May 2002) for a statewide research and planning group -- about 200
community college institutional researchers and planners. One of the
features of the conference is a keynote speaker. Although we haven't
settled yet on a theme, early indications are that people would be
interested in hearing something on the order of knowledge management and
information use -- some "big picture" kinds of topics. If they were in
the context of education, great, but they don't have to be. John Seeley
Brown comes to mind, as do a number of other theorists. However, I run
into the problem of not knowing how some of these people are as speakers.
We've had some very knowledgeable people but they haven't always been
effective presenters.

So my question is, whom have you heard speak on these or related subjects
and whom would you recommend for this audience? Thanks for any

P.S. The format for this conference is three days of concurrent sessions
on a mix of presentations in research and planning, focusing mostly on
assessment, evaluation, student outcomes, research methodologies, program
review, etc. It will be held at Asilomar, a semi-rustic conference center
on the Monterey, CA coast, and is a casual atmosphere. I don't know if
that information would make a difference in your recommendation.

Harriett J. Robles


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