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From: Nikitas Assimakopoulos (
Date: 05/07/01

      Journal of Applied Systems Studies
     Methodologies and Applications for Systems Approaches
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         JASS announces that the Special Issue on :

"Living, Evolutionary and Tailorable Information Systems: Development
Issues and Advanced Applications" has been scheduled.

         "Living systems" is a core research area in the Systems Sciences
and has been applied in disciplines ranging from biology to manufacturing
and economics. It is only recently, however, that the 'living' aspect has
been applied to Information Systems (IS) and that dynamic concepts such as
evolution and tailorability have been researched. In timely fashion, this
special issue explores approaches to information systems development that
promote the ongoing design of systems and/or defer the design process. It
is increasingly recognised that business organisations are 'emergent' in
the face of change driven by technology, globalisation, deregulation,
acquisition and merger, customer relationship management and the like.

         If you are interested in the above special issue title AND for
the current issues, please visit JASS web site.
         For submission of papers consult the "Aims & Scope" of JASS.


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