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Date: 05/11/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Winfried Dressler <> writes:

>May I call this the "tube-pump-tube-paradigm of wholeness"?
>I would like to do so, because I have a different paradigm in
>mind and wonder where these two meet? I could call mine the
>H2-paradigm or the "proton-electron-proton-paradigm of wholeness"

Greetings dear Winfried,

I would rather use here the word model than paradigm for picturing
wholeness. Any way, this is a minor issue. The major issue is whether
there is any thing to gain from the ""tube-pump-tube" model for wholeness.

Let me tell of my own learning on this issue the last couple of days. As
soon as Gavin decribed his model, I said to myself -- will we ever escape
our first professional training? I was trained as a physicist with some
chemistry to it so that I often have to struggle against using chemical
models. Gavin has been trained as an angineer so that his models may
easily entail machines.

But then I said to myself, how far will Gavin's model go by depiciting the
various subsystems in the human body as irreversible self-organising
systems connecting together to form the body as a magnificent
self-organsing system too. I was greatky surpised because many of the
subsystems like the blood system and the unrinary system can be directly
depicted. In some we have to apply a little creativity to see the model
like, for example, the digestive system. Here the pump is not only the
stomach, but the whole tract from upfront to downback!

The most interesting one for me was thinking of the neurological system it
terms of this model. Many would object against the brain as a pump, but is
it not a striking model?

Thank you Gavin, you made me deeply aware how important it is to find
models to depict each of the 7Es. Up to this stage I was not aware how I
often used the plant with its root-stem-leaves as a model in my quiet
contemplations of the associativity pattern of wholeness.

Another model would be
. you*internet*me
where the physical commuter is Internet.

With care and best wishes


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