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Date: 05/17/01

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Dear Rick,

Thanks for your 'incredible' curiosity about my 'hints'.
For the time being, ( I left Plato's to other experts who might be in the
list), I point out the 'creativity with body controversy' in this mail.
Many people can not 'accept' H. A. Simon's viewpoint of 'creativity', include
Milaly, please see,

Mihaly Csikssentmihalyi , The Evolving Self : A Psychology For The Third
Millennium, Haper Collins, 1993

H. A. Simon (1988) wrote 'Creativity and Motivation: a Response to Mihaly
Csikssentmihalyi ' in New Ideas in Psychology 6 (no. 2):177-81.

I hope this help a little bit and I hope more people participate in the
discussion later for these issues.

Hanching Chung

> [Host's Note: Hanching (or others!)... I am incredibly curious about the
> hints above. Please, please explain! Acorn theory? Creativity needing a
> body?
> Sultry sunny afternoon in NH. (Sajeela?) ..Rick]


demingtw <>

[Host's Note: Hanching, many thanks! In assoc w/

The Evolving Self : A Psychology for the Third Millennium by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


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