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Date: 05/24/01

Hi fellow participants,

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Nigel Vickers


May 18, 2001

Knowledge Management Alliance Launches Website, New Products and Services

For worldwide release, April 30 "Knowledge Management Alliance today
announced the launch of its "knowledge hub" a website of targeted products
and services designed to educate, collaborate and originate participants
in a knowledge sharing alliance.

"The launch of the Knowledge Management Alliance is a major step towards
our vision of becoming the worldwide hub of collaborative intelligence in
the management of knowledge for competitive advantage", stated Nigel
Vickers, co-founder of the Knowledge Management Alliance. "We look forward
to establishing relationships with both enthusiasts and skeptics alike".

Resulting from over two years of research, the Knowledge Management
Alliance provides a group forum for knowledge exchange that will evolve
its products and services as the marketspace matures.

"Terry [ Pegler ] and I founded the Knowledge Management Alliance as a
contribution to two of the major drivers of knowledge management ^
collaboration and sharing. We are very excited to be part of such a
dynamic, fast-moving marketspace." added Vickers.

About Knowledge Management Alliance

For more information, the Knowledge Management Alliance can be
reached at 416-409-9999, or on the internet at


Nigel Vickers <>

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