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Date: 05/26/01

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I like to try to close the so called 'acorn' theory of Plato and
'creativity' needs a body thread and to 'answer' to Senrasu's note. wrote

> thoughts are actions
> words are actions
> deeds are actions.

There was a popular book called 'acorn theory' several years ago but I
cannot recall the author's name and the exact title.

But it might be summarized by a sentence in the book Genome: The 'concept'
of a chicken is implicit in an egg, or that an acorn was literally
'informed' by the plan of an oak tree.

For (H. A. Simon? ) and other people think about 'attributive dualism', I
think it is quite easy to understand to quote 'Descartes' in R. L. Gregory
(editor) The Oxford Companion to the Mind: even if the mind is not a
separate entity, there are none the less two distinct set of properties or
attributive that can be ascribed to human being : psychological properties
and physical properties. (p.190)

I hope that my 'associations' are not too ridiculous and you might get
some more hints in this mail.

Have a good weekend,

Hanching Chung


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