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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/26/01

Dear Learners,

Just who penned these lines?

"The very best constructions for organizational life imitate life itself.
They continually seek new ways to change themselves."

Just who penned these lines? And, does it matter?

" I know you are distressed at the burning of foreign clothes as directed
by Mr Gandhi... But consider that by these bonfires material goods are
being transmuted into dynamic moral forces for the nation's awakening,
just as material food in ourselves is transformed into vital and mental
forces for our work and for our progress. These foreign fabrics are the
winding sheets of the nation. When Lazarus resuscitates, when the nation
rises from the dead, his shroud is to be burned."
          (Commentator on Gandhi's progress;-)(1921)


Gandhi urged the people not to substitute the burned cloths with Indian mill
products; they must LEARN to SPIN and WEAVE themselves. THEM<>SELVES. By
example he, "-took to spinning half an hour a day and expected ASSOCIATES to
do likeWISE."
Spinning brings people SELF reliance and SELF respect, he said...(HE who HE)

"Daily spinning is a sacrament and will take the spinners mind Godward."

Flames have been on my mind of late At;-) The little black lamb grows
apace. The donkeys are back in the sancturary field.

A young couple were married in the church next door this afternoon under
the seven hundred years old window. This evening the scent of flowers
remains. In one of the panels there is the representation of St Peter,
crucified upside down. The panels of stained glass that make up his figure
count six or seven, all but two were broken in the Reformation. At the
top;-) his feet nailed to the planks, and do you know what they have been
painted to look like?

Flames At, like flames;-)

Like flowers At flowers.

Flames like scented flowers, At.

"Man hath weav'd a net, and this net throwne
Upon the Heavens, and now they are his owne."
  John Donne

Some psycho--logical folk think love's expensive? So love must be

I feel it cheap too. Love is very cheap, so damned cheap it's free.

Why do people cage love At?

"Then folks echo a cheap new joy and a divine voice leaping from their veins:
how beautiful is candour."
     Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass.



Andrew Campbell

" - may all space and its four quarters be open unto thee for thy good



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