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Date: 06/03/01

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Gavin and all learners,

Senge posits Systems Thinking as a result of the adaptation and use of the
tools and theoretical understandings of Personal Mastery, Shared Vision,
Mental Models, and Team Learning. I agree with him. The issue here, is
your understanding of systems thinking and your insistent need for a
structure/process dichotomy.

Jan said:
> > As always i feel the urge to "activate" the nouns.

Gavin answered;
> That is the issue, the nouns are the structures but there are
> no verbs so they are static.

Verbs are not implicit in linguistic structures. And nouns, in and of
themselves are not structures, either, but elements of structure, which,
in my mental model, is the system.

And when you say:
> This is the part that most concerns me about ST, is that
> there is really no underlying structure that I can identify at all.
> Structure
> and process are closely aligned e.g. (XYZ) with input x becoming z by
> transformation at Y with structure (XYZ) tube-pump-tube. That is the
> content
> fits inside the form. This is in my opinion is the most critical issue in
> complexity and systems thinking which systems thinking ignores.

I agree, this is the most critical issue, the crux of which is
transformation. All processes exist to transform. The underlying
structures are your personal learning histories (note the plural) which
may or may not understand the difference pointed out by Hanching Chung
between the phsical and psychological properties of a thing.

I don't see content fitting inside of form so much as transcending it.
The content is mutable and so changes because of the form and the form and
the content are then perceived as the structure. But perhaps the notions
of form and content should become form and function for the purposes of
this discussion. Would not then there be a verb?? A function exists TO
FUNCTION. This is very different than the content of the form.

It is, indeed, a beautiful Sunday morning. Whether I am in it or of it is
the real complexity.

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