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Date: 06/04/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Gavin Ritz <> writes in reply to
>>>[org'ies?? This is getting out of hand! ..Rick]
>> Greetings to both of you and all other "youngies" of mind,
>> When I first read this delightful creation of Gavin, I cried out
>> with laughter.
>Well it was supposed to be endearing, but now I understand
>why Rick to offense. No offense meant and for those who felt
>offended I apologize.

to which Rick commented

>[Host's Note: No offense taken. I was making a joke...
>Org'ies is pretty close to Orgies, and I got a laugh at that.
>Once again, we see how easy it is for humor to be
>misunderstood in this virtual conversation. ..Rick]

Greetings dear Gavin and Rick,

Whether it is of value under this topic or valuable at all, I just have to
make the following comment.

South Africa recognised itself as a multicultural society since 1992. How
much it has become the "rainbow nation" (Mandela's Vision) is a question
upon its own. However, since then much "intercultural talking" has
happened. The one things which seems to have hit the dust, is the telling
of jokes. Far too often it appeared that what is a joke for people from
one culture, is offensive to people from another culture.

I am no good at creating jokes self. Perhaps this is the reason why,
trying as hard as I can, I cannot yet observe the "reinvention" of jokes
for a multicultural society. Perhaps Chris and Alfred have observed more
than I because what I am observing here in SA are "PC jokes" not worth
laughing at all.

There is something in every joke which we try to capture in our mother
tongue with the saying "steek draak" (to prod="steek" with a
dragon="draak"). The English would say "with tongue in the cheek".

Perhaps we may reinvent the art of telling jokes for multicultural
societies on this LO-dialogue of ours, even though we may not succeed in
understanding self-organising complex marketing systems.

With care and best wishes


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