Mission vs. Vision LO26785

From: NProbst261@aol.com
Date: 06/06/01

Replying to LO26745 --

I don't agree. Without going into text book definitions, mission is "what
we are here to accomplish together" and vision is a compelling belief in
where we are going. Although there has been much bashing of both
recently, in my work I constantly find that people desperately need both
to perform and feel scattered and lost when they don't have either.
Additionally, it greatly helps to have missions and visions that aren't
just focused (better yet aren't focused at all) on the bottom line.

I once worked for a large accounting firm that didn't believe in mission
or vision. For the year and a half I worked there, I kept asking if
someone could help me understand what we were here for. The best I could
get was "to work as many billable hours as you can." YUCK. As an OD
professionals, that left me feeling extremely empty and unmotivated and I
had to move on.

Long winded answer to a short question.
Nancy Probst



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