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From: Jon Jenkins (
Date: 06/22/01

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Dear Mark

Some one some where used a shared secretary situation for TOC.


Jon C. Jenkins
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Groningen, The Netherlands
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> I'm doing some research on the Tragedy of the Commons (TOC)
> archetype and
> have a question or two for the list:
> 1. Is anyone aware of any cases of the TOC in the natural
> world in which
> human activity is NOT invloved? Or are instances of TOCs
> only found in
> connection with human behaviors?
> 2. In the human domain, is anyone aware of any instances of
> TOCs within
> an organization, as opposed to between them? In other words,
> can TOCs be
> found inside individual companies or human organizations, or
> do they only
> emerge as a consequence of interactions BETWEEN companies,
> organizations,
> and individuals?


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