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From: Dressler, Winfried (
Date: 06/28/01

Replying to LO26883 --

>What I did above is to show that the TOC is related to the essentiality

Dear At,

I had to smile at this one. This is exactly what I have tried before, only
in my case TOC stood for "Theory of Constraints". I think it is important
to distinguish between "constraint" (well, I don't like this word anymore)
and bottleneck. The limiting reagent corresponds to the bottleneck. I have
to think about the "constraint" as "the component (and the number of them)
with the most complex IS (Inner Structure) which/whom has to commute with
the other components of the system." To break the "constraint" then is
usually not emergence but, also from the wording, points towards
immergence. Yet enhancing or even shifting the bottleneck may be a very
reasonable thing to do. Your example:

>I have said that carbohydrates are the limiting reagent in my body, it is
>because I have forced myself mentally to make them such. The real limiting
>reagent in my body is the beta cells of the Isles of Langerhans in my

But are the beta cells also "the component with the most complex
structure"? Certainly not. As you write further:

>In other words, finding out that my beta cells were the limiting reagent
>while I was also allergic to insulin medicine (and thus another limiting
>reagent), called for swift and decisive action. Were it not for my knowing
>of complex systems, I would have been dead by now because our family
>doctor did not know self what next to do. I knew that I had to induce a
>limiting reagent earlier in the synthon (chain of becomings) in my body.

This most complex component was the body of your knowledge, right?
Fortunately in your case this was not the limiting reagent, otherwise the
tragedy would have struck you, as you write. I am not surprised to read
this conclusion out of your contribution, for the management (1st
generation KM) and especially the growth (2nd generation KM) of the body
of an organizations knowledge is Marks field of special interest and

Once again I have "wasted" time and effort to explain to you what was
fully clear to you from the beginning and it has taken considerable
additional time to digest and to get your "point". Sigh..., and a little
bit of happiness returning...

Liebe Gruesse,


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