Talent without Character LO26923

From: Barry Mallis (theorgtrainer@earthlink.net)
Date: 07/01/01

Replying to LO26918 --

That's an interesting story, Hanching.

Our planet is rife with concrete and anecdotal evidence of "talent without
character." The definition of character is such a profound and complex
one. Yet does there not exist a harmony of octaves, triads, and quarter
tones, which we choose to transform into our personal melodies of
character? These notes are eternal, universal.

I enjoy believing that our ramblings here become transcriptions of such
song and chant, that from our lyrics from time to time each of us exacts a
newer notion of character.

Some lucky physicists have found evidence of mass in neutrinos. They have
traveled through us in infinite numbers all this time. Today we have
learned something new about the impossibly small. And we shall keep on
dis-covering. So, too, with character: its essence is eternal. Instead of
picking up the rock to throw, we pick up the rock to look underneath. Lo!

Best regards,

Barry Mallis
Keene, New Hampshire

Hanching wrote:

> They might be local 'optimal or innovative' but for me, might be without
> style at least.


Barry Mallis <theorgtrainer@earthlink.net>

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