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Date: 07/07/01

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Dear Art,

Thanks a lot of quotations from Schon. For we didn't access with his works
at all. I think it is an interesting subject to discuss the power and
limits of 'schools' and 'universities' in the 'technical rationality of
positivism). It is very obvious that to understand a hierarchy, we need '
from-at' conceptions ( M. Polanyi's ' Life irreducible structure') since
Schon's insights among others are also came from interactions and
reflections with the systems.

Just one reminding for your reference. Dr. Deming used 'metanoia' in the
first edition of his The New Economics. But he changed it to a English in
the second edition. I think there is some wisdom in it.

Once again I like to thank you and I am expecting to read more about your

Hanching Chung


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