A Polanyi Problem. LO26987

From: Don Dwiggins (d.l.dwiggins@computer.org)
Date: 07/12/01

Replying to LO26936 --

AM de Lange writes:
> (1) Please help me with suggestions what you will do should you have such
> a Polanyi Problem as the one which I have described above.

> (2) Just to assure you that I am not fooling around, what I want to tell
> will involve terminology such as evolution, natural, irreversibility,
> symbiosis, self-organisation, autopoiesis and CAS (complex adaptive
> systems).

The nice thing about your plea is the interesting answers that it fetched
up. I particularly like the poem by George that Winfried so beautifully
presented. (Didn't Wagner use the Norns in his "Ring"?)

But I think I like Andrew's lateral suggestion best. When the problem is
ready to be explicated, it will let you know.

In the meantime, you might like one of my rules of thumb: "when you don't
know what to do, do something" (or, in the spirit of the above paragraph,
"do something else").


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