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From: Ed Swanstrom (
Date: 07/13/01

GKEC Forming ISO Knowledge Economics Standards Committees

[Knowledge Economics covers learning economics, attention economics,
innovation economics, technological change economics, cognitive economics,
etc. along with contributions from other social sciences. Could lead to an
interesting conversation within OL - Ed Swanstrom]

The Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC, at has become
a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), beginning
the process of serving as the U.S. Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge
Economics (KE) Standards representative to the International Standards
Organization (ISO).

As part of its ANSI responsibilities, the GKEC will begin the formation of
a KE/KM Technical Advisory Group (TAG) within ISO and serve as its TAG
Administrator. ISO TAG and sub-committee membership will be open to KE
and KM practitioners worldwide, but current and active members of GKEC,
the Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB, at and the Knowledge and Innovation
Management Professional Society (KIMPS, at are
especially encouraged to join the KE/KM TAG in establishing standards for
this new field of ISO technical activity. GKEC will spearhead metrics
standards efforts, KMCB will concentrate on competency standards, and
KIMPS will develop general KE/KM Standards.

Expressing support for the GKEC standards initiatives, Harry Tobin
(PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Chair of KMCB) stated, "Going forward, the
Board considers working with the GKEC on the development of Knowledge
Management Standards for Competency a top priority." Rick Dickey (U.S.
Department of Defense, and President of KIMPS) "would like to see the full
participation of KIMPS members in all aspects of the GKEC standards
discussions as the KIMPS organization strives to set standards and
accelerate the innovation of the Knowledge and Innovation Management

The GKEC will soon be assisting in the formation of ISO committees to
represent Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand,
China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,
Kenya, Israel, and any other nation interested in setting up a GKEC
standards committee within its own country. The GKEC will also work with
Standards Australia, and the British Standards group.

The first coordinated GKEC, KMCB,and KIMPS standards meetings will be held
in Washington (D.C.), September 10-13, 2001, at the McLean Marriott. See for more information on that conference.

For the current list of members of the standards committee, see

If you are interested in joining a KE/KM standards subcommittee, please
join or send me an email.

Help shape the future of KM!

Edward Swanstrom
Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC)


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