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From: Peter_Hubbard@will2win.com.au
Date: 07/14/01

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As a immigrant part of the South African Maffia here in Australia, I was
fascinated by your recipe for sosatie. My lovely wife (a genuine Jo'burg
daughter) has made this for us on occasion, my mouth still waters at the
thought of it!

Reading your recipe prompts me to ask you this question.
Why is the modern trend of business management so focussed on looking at
the parts, and not the whole? Particularity in the IT area, where I would
observe the biggest single inhibitor to prosperous synergy's is IT's almost
pathologic ignorance of real business needs.

I'm in the business of helping people to create the recipe and bake the
sosatie, usually by understanding the potential of the individual
ingredients on the way through.

The environment, however, is almost obsessed with the minute of every
definable grain of salt, and seemingly dedicated to repairing the granular
structure with little regard for the real purpose of the spice!

Kind regards,
Peter Hubbard

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