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Date: 07/26/01

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Dear Allan,

I can only make some very limited conference based 'single points' . But
your post is very important. So I list some of my confusions to share with

The main indicator of news of business 'recession' is 'loss' in terms of
millions or billions and large scale lay-offs. Are they 'facts of life' ?

Why your so-called democratic rights are so difficult to be fulfilled in
most workplaces? Why R. Ackoff's 1994 title and his 'radical thinking' was

Why the right of joy in working is only a pipe dream for many 'workers'?

Why one of my colleagues , a plant manager, in the States killed himself
when the corporate decided to sell all our division to a 'restructure
expert ' they made a fortune after 5 years , that is , IPO of our

Is the root really in the 'style' of Western management and some 'sick
systems' as Dr. Deming insists on with?

Or, as G. Bateson's viewpoint of 'free enterprise' ? "...And it came to
pass that, between meals, they all played a game. Each against all, and
all against each. And the name of the game was Free Enterprise. And each
played as dirty as he could according to the tricks which he had
received... Adam managed to get some vengeful satisfaction out of the game
of Free Enterprise - killing everything in sight..."

On the other hand, Walter Chrysler is right that "...There is in
manufacturing a creative job that only poets are supposed to know..." And
the workplace might make our emotional and rational capabilities mature.


Hanching Chung


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