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From: Peter_Hubbard@will2win.com.au
Date: 07/28/01

Replying to LO27044 --

Wees gegroet liewe to you too, At,

Yes, it is happening here as well. We are currently working with a large
Health Service, and are amazed to see the IT section - very big, as you
would imagine - pursue hardware and software solutions on the basis of
"owning" them, so that they can control everyone else in the Service.
This almost pathologic drive to own and control is, as always, at the
expense of any alignment with the business needs, and in some cases, in
direct conflict with operational needs.

I am slow to understand the reasons for this type of behavior, until I
meet with the people concerned, and realize that many are not "computer
nerds", but rather, administrators, ex-technicians, and sometimes retired
code writers. They use the language of IT as a mask for their inability
to understand the real needs of the business. The business must conform
to their systems, not the other way around. They puff them selves up with
capacity, frame rates, platforms, connectivity, and other esoteric jargon
and listen with big feet. They do not want to descend into the business
reality, because it is a threat to their lack of knowledge and
professionalism. They do not really know themselves, so they do not know
where they are. They cannot admit their mistakes, for fear of enhancing
negative impressions held by others. So they cannot learn from their
mistakes, and grow,.

Now, as for your ability to subtract, and others inability to repair a
simple machine, this paradigm suits perfectly the IT requirement of "make
your work requirement fit the IT " or else - in this case, you will get no

When you examine Network Theory, you come to realize just how powerful IT
could be in the right hands - and in a sense, this excellent (Thanks Rick)
Board is an example of one that works particularity well.

But you need to start with my favorite equation - the Power of One. One
person, doing one task, once, well. And being rewarded for it with
positive feedback and the joy of experiential learning..

IT should be the enabling component, not the prime focus. It should be
the tool that promotes force multiplication and synergistic effect. And
it should be invisible, subordinate to the human values of the
environment, not the confusing, frustrating, stress inducing false-God
that it has become today.

Do you still need your white cement, I can ship some to you ASAP!

Kind personal regards,

Dr. Peter A. Hubbard
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Intelligence, Technology
and Research Consultants
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