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Date: 08/06/01

Dear All Learners,

A 1,500 word long and somewhat visionary posting that comes together somewhat
surprisingly at the end.

>There is a vast world of difference between living systems or organizations
>and the
>lifeless, legal entities we also call organizations. My dog learns, my
>cat learns, my wife and children learn and (despite what some folks on
>this list might think) I learn, too.

This sounds like a 'lament', and it reminds me of something Emerson or
Thoreau said... about all people are working or dreaming or aspiring or
somethinging, "but to what purpose; after all, the ants do these
thingings?" so to what end shall we do what we do.

Asked to describe neatly the difference that makes a difference as to what
distinguishes a OO from a LO and I'd say that in a LO people are
relatively free in a OO people are relatively slaves. Currently, what we
call 'globalization' others not unreasonably IMHO call 'post-hoc slavery'.

This conversation appears like a comet every now and again on a parabolic

Before Kepler the heavens were populated by inert bodies that wheeled in
perfect circles and the mental model was aided by the construction of
'cogged machinations' (clogged machinations?) (;-)=( -;) -- chains that
b(l)ind? As if to lend weight upon now to there >>>>>. Hmmm.

Though this is not what happened in the heavens the mere presence of the
'cogged wheels' professed the opposite, so circles win over ellipses. As
Koestler said it of the soon-to-be-awakened-ones, "appearances were
thereby saved." (You must all please forgive Kepler for his earliest
emanation was as a theologian, not a mathematician or proto physicist)

It took fifty years of work<>learning for Kepler's visions to come to
fruition. What sustained Kepler in freeing mankind from the mental slavery of
a cosmology based upon 'golden cogs' inordinate;-) to free others as John
Donne wrote it of him (Kepler) then, 'to caste their net upon the heavens...'
was not just one thing (materiality) as per physics...but also "metaphysical
reason" and perhaps the following citation will interest my friend Michael
Leyton at Rutgers University, New York...
"I was encouraged in my daring enquiry by that beautiful analogy between the
stationary objects, namely, Sun, the fixed stars and the space between them,
with God the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. I shall pursue this analogy
in my future cosmographical work." Kepler.
(Doomsday skin writing is a 'way' with creators who move out with beauty to
truth;-) even to the mountainside and skies, God gold writ'.)

Many years later Kepler says, " He distributes his motive force through a
medium which contains moving bodies, Even as the Father creates through the
Holy Ghost."...The space drives the planets as if it were 'alive with
information' of some ineffably subtle kind...(I have reasons to believe so
from my own experienments with lace doilies and scanners;-) What Kepler did
was to raise up for everyone with eyes, ears and other senses to appreciate
that it was through the articulation of movement (forces of articulation) not
endless rote descriptors that we learn.
For Kepler is was all right to substitute the word 'soul' for 'force'. For
Mr. Kepler saw how there was physical connection between light and
force..."an unsubstantial entity emanating from a substantial body"

What is astonishing about Kepler is that he brought forth the question
from the answer initially contained in the metaphor (analogy), which he
continually held before himself. For Kepler took a thread from this, our
web or net and strung it out in his mind's eye so that later a man called
Einstein as a lad of sixteen could imagine himself riding upon such a
thread that had been left there for him in 'timespace'. Others continue to
walk upon this fractal thin lightemblazonedthread among us today.

In a strange turn of events;-) "eight minutes" seemed to thwart a life's
whole progression of authentic learning...but the 'wobble' of Keppler was
a man correctioncountercorrection enabled to ride a wave of kinds...Kepler
said it, " those eight minutes point the road to a complete reformation of
astronomy." The perfection of static 'circles' (desire of predictable
outcomes) was substituted for the complex asymmetry 'ellipses'. No
problem, you say, so what? The move from a circle to an ellipse was
terrifying to him in those times. The celestial bodies, lopsided like some
"hunchback cripple?"

Kepler felt a "fool, a liar and a criminal." Do you know what Kepler wrote
learningful friends, " I have cleared the Augean stables of (astronomy of)
circles and spirals and left behind me only a single cartload of dung."
Now, what is more potentially complex, more fruit-sustaining and
asymmetrical than a single cartload of dung in a world full of hitherto
pristine circles?

At the crucial moment for cosmology Kepler took to faith in the space of a
self-given credit, Koestler called it 'cheating'. Kepler 'tore the problem
from one matrix and placed it into another.'
And there were many 'still births' on the way.
The search for the LO... It reminds this idiot of the power of
foolishness, collective or singular.
It was not an architect of concrete, stone or wood who launched the
Renaissance, nor a poet, nor a painter or sculptor it was, I believe, St
Francis of Assisi. Foolishly buying stones to build a chapel when it was
another kind of building to be constructed, one of letting go, giving away,
creating freeenergies, seeing a different profit in a different perfection
living in the builder and not so much the buildings.

Perhaps some other honest idiot, full of vanities will come along and steal
all these wonderful ideas gravitating here; a girl, a boy, shoeless,
propertyless, and homeless?
The last work of Mr. Darwin, he of the 'fittest' was 'The Formation of
Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms.' That is quite profound isn't
Joining St Francis, architect of Faith and father of ecology with Kepler (the
heavens) and Darwin (the earth) is easy. 'Puss and blood', 'dung' and
About a few years ago I sent At an image that I'd made from constructing a
representation of the seven essentialities in the form of a conical
section, somewhat technologically played around with. I sent the pristine
result on, hoping it might elicit some profound new
mathematical-cum-geometers insight -- dream on Andrew. He told me it
looked for the entire world like a 'fungus that was the second most
primitive type of living thing on earth.' (Nope, Andrew is not the
pre-eminent most 'fungal thing' on earth;-) Then a man called Pasteur
came to mind -- call this a Learning Organization ;-)
Connecting Begets Fruitfulness -- who said that;-) Maybe this train is not
going where most of you think or want it to, and inasmuch as you force it
to it will fall down about your ears;-)

"caretaker contact" is a "natural" process with great but non evolutionary
survival advantage for all concerned. Francis Bacon understood this when he
proclaimed that knowledge itself is power. But such knowledge is not
political power, rather something much more valuable to both local system and
caretaker: "The power to create more useful (altruistic) knowledge." Peter
"When we widen our horizon to include transformative approaches to
experience, especially those concerned not with escape from the world or the
discovery of some hidden, true self but with releasing the everyday world
from the clutches of the grasping mind and its desire for absolute ground, we
gain a sense of perspective on the world that might be brought forth by
learning to embody groundlessness as compassion in a scientific culture."
Francisco Varela
Learn to dwell in the builder not the building.

Peter Beamish thinks he has found the foundations for something called
"Nature's chamber of altruism" it stands in dynamical opposition to
"Nature's Chamber of Evolution" The former feeds out of 'Mature Love' and
the latter out of 'Fear'. One reminds me of the past -- (OO) and the other
like an embryonic vision of a child in the womb (LO)

I have near me a picture and it is inscribed, 'Andrew, Life is turning aside
to the miracle of the lit bush' Margaret Hay and Oscar Hertwig wrote on the
other side "The sun in the egg"
Oscar Hertwig (1876) discovered the entry of the sperm into the egg. Leo
Auerbach (also 19thC) described later two protoplasmic vacuoles in the newly
fertilized egg -- **as well as a radiating figure between them ** -- .
Hertwig identified these as male and female pronuclei, and he saw their
fusion. When the two merged he described it thus, " It arises to completion
like a sun within an egg." Not until today had I (been enabled to) view 'the
sun in the egg'. Here the microtubules are radiating from the centrosome
associated with the male pronucleus and reaching towards the female
pronucleus. This is a moment of new life, vivid. In this we see how by
'metaphor awareness' that the force of natural power was greater than the sum
of the two cells. This is my shared learning today. Perhaps you already knew
it. Let me name it as the pearl of great price in a field of true learning.

People love money because, as I think Heidegger pointed out, it is the one
common denominator chosen over another, love. In learning we learn. We
cannot repay life's creation through money but that we may through love.
In Love we can treat in equal terms with the creator, giving back
something of what has been given.

Become lost in a field of dreams.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts.



Andrew Campbell


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