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Discussions of "organizational" versus "people" learning remind me of the
story of the Bozo machine.

Once a rowing race was to be held on the Charles River. One team was the
Harvard varsity crew, all fit and trained. Their competition was a bunch
of old men recruited at the local ice cream shop. Which team would you bet

But now I tell you that the Harvard gang is going to race in a big wash
tub, so that the harder they row, the faster they go ... in a
circle...while the ice cream crew will have the sleekest high tech scull
on the River. Now which would you bet on?

A bozo machine is a device or a set of processes or an organization that
turns talented people into clowns.


Joe Podolsky

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> Dr Dash--
> I think that organizations could learn. I'm convinced that
> communities
> can learn. Not all organizations are communities...but there may be
> several communities interacting within an organization. When
> organizations
> learn, maybe it's because it behaves like a community.


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