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From: Portal KMOL (editorg@kmol.online.pt)
Date: 08/10/01

Some time ago I wrote to this list to let you know about portal KMOL, a
free web site dedicated to Knowledge Management and Organisational
Learning. This time I want to address you an invitation.

One of the sections of the portal intends to feature case studies,
illustrations and descriptions of how KM and OL can be applied to real
situations. Thus, I invite you all to contact me sending me a short
description of your experiences.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Ana Neves

portal KMOL
Web-site dedicated to
Knowledge Management and
Organisational Learning

URL: http://www.kmol.online.pt
E-mail: editor@kmol.online.pt


Portal KMOL <editor@kmol.online.pt>

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