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Hi Premal,

Below is some text on organizational memory. It is part of one of my
article that was publshed in 1999 on knowledge management. The article is
available on my website.


The memory of the organization forms a repository of all elements that can
be part of knowledge management of the organization. It contains lessons
from the past with descriptions what went wrong or what was a success,
procedures how to manage a project, but also for instance the organization
of information on customers. Prahalad and Hamel (1994) used the term
"corporate knowledge" or "corporate genetics".

Organizational memory forms a critical component of knowledge management.
Both easy access and usability of learning depend on an effective
infrastructure of the organizational memory. Therefore the components
distribution and interpretation are crucial.


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> can anyone please tell me what is the organisation memory?? one more
> question is whether data warehouse can be considered as organisation
> repository?? please can anyone help me out with this.


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