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From: Eugene Taurman (
Date: 08/27/01

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I am afraid you have asked an impossible question to answer.

        The first reason companies do well (improve ROI) is establishment
of the right purpose for the members of the organization.

        Another is attention to the way work is done. That is when
managers accept responsibility for the processes used.

        A third is teamwork about that purpose and perfection of the
processes supporting the purpose.

Another major reason is to be in the right market at the right time.

        And some where near the end of the list is formal development of

Teams alone without the others do little to improve ROI. In fact without
the other issues teams may cost extra and become the definition of waste.

In real life these become so mixed it is hard if not impossible to
separate the value of teams from the other factors.


Eugene Taurman

>I am doing as part of my study project, Team Management - and Advantages
>and Disadvantages. Would really appreciate if any guidance to where I
>could find related material is given.


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