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From: Ken Friedman (
Date: 09/18/01

Dear Colleagues,

The Norwegian School of Management is establishing an internal competence

Some of my colleagues are engaged in a project to develop the strategic
platform for the school.

They have asked me to help locate similar internal schools for staff and
faculty at business schools and universities around the world.

The goal of the project is to shape a concept that will help the Norwegian
School of Management to systemically document and map the organization's
need for competence development, and then to create and implement
competence development programs.

These programs are only for employees, not for students.

The school now plans to implement the following programs:

- Introduction program for new employees
- Management development program
- Basic competence programs for all employees
- Special competence programs for specific groups

I would be deeply grateful for information on any comparable programs in
business schools and universities, or in private enterprise.

I will welcome:

- organizations and contact information
- Web sites
- journal articles
. book references

This is a request that will result in an applied program rather than a
research publication. I expect to be able to return some form of
information to those who assist us.

With best regards,

Ken Friedman


Ken Friedman, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design Department of Technology and Knowledge Management Norwegian School of Management

Visiting Professor Advanced Research Institute School of Art and Design Staffordshire University

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