Structuring-thoughts - Part 1 LO27216

From: Leo Minnigh (
Date: 09/03/01

Replying to LO27183 --

Dear At, dear LO'ers,

Thank you for your in-depth reply. I am also glad that I watered your
desert, preventing it to become a 'Mare Desertium' of the moon - only dry
dust. Thank you also for the great movie you showed us of the seeds and
growth of some genera of the ESC's (Elementary Sustainers of Creativity).
If my contribution was like the rain in the desert, your contribution was
as the curtain that opened a fabulous play on the stage.

Your contribution invites for a long answer. However, I try to keep this
reaction short, curious of what will happen in part II (as you seem to
promise to us).

In short - my proposal for a new ESC: "thought - structuring" is possibly
the very first ESC in the evolution of ESC's. Since it falls in the very
beginning of all ESC's, it may be the reason that we have overseen this
one. Why do I think that 'thought-structuring' is the mother of all next
ESC-emergences? Probably the clearest reason lies in the whole movie of
your contribution. That contribution is one large example of the
structured way of the discoveries of all following ESC's. You have even
numbered the structured steps of your thinking and observations,
illustrating in such a clear way how structured your thoughts are. It was
fabulous to follow these steps.

Possibly, the most intriguing part of all is your prerequisite that an ESC
should also be present in the minds of animals. A 'logic'prerequisite,
since you have always argued that creativity is not limited to human
beings. Although logic, it was for me an eye-opener.
So a question to answer is:
"is thought-structuring present in the animale world?"

In my understanding, brains and mind have a direct relation with behaviour
and muscle actions. A lot, if not all of our behaviour is in some way
directed by our brains. As soon as movement and behaviour of creatures is
not Brownsian, the processes in the brains MUST be structured. This is the
only way to explain individual and group behaviour (and within the group
the different tasks - think of bees and ants), migration, reproduction,
agression, etc.

Since each ESC lift other ESC's to a higher and more complex level, the
level of thought-structuring and the other ESC's will become higher with
higher creativity levels.

I hope you (plural) are satisfied with my thoughts and I hope I have wrote
(result of my thinking) these in a structured way.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
Library Technical University Delft
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