Reck thee never - Time become still LO27225

Date: 09/10/01

(For D and L ;-)

Dear Learners,

Caught Angel swirling Impasto Time Physical/\Time Metaphysical (20%
detail, oil on gesso board)

"The ableness to this work is oned to the work itself, without separation;
so that whoso feeleth this work is able thereto, and none else. Insomuch,
that without this work a soul is as it were dead, and cannot covet or
desire it. Forasmuch as thou(gh) willest it and desirest it, so much hast
thou of it, and no more and no less: and yet it is no will, nor desire,
but a thing thou knowest never what. Reck thee never if thou knowest no
more, I pray thee: but do forth ever more and more, so that thou ever be
doing." The Cloud of Unknowing

(You may see the right angle;-) grey motif l_ as the arms of a clock at
12.15 or 3.00 but let go of that and you may suddenly have the
articulation of space when you see the vertical as a column and the
horizontal as its shadow. This calls us to a physical question; where is
the light source then? NOW... Ah! It is in the picture. The picture is in
you. THAT is what I love about Angels and Angles.)

What shall we do now?




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