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From: David Raths (
Date: 09/17/01

Hello. I am a freelance writer for InfoWorld, a weekly publication for
information technology executives. I am working on a feature story for
their management section about "communities of practice" within
information technology organizations.

I am trying to find a few examples of chief information officers and chief
technology officers who have some experience with creating and/or
nurturing these informal communication structures as part of a knowledge
management strategy. If anyone on this list can point me to a corporate
example, please contact me directly.

My story deadline is Oct. 1.

Thank you. Below are a few links to recent stories I've written for

David Raths
(503) 233-0773
7746 SE 20th Ave.
Portland, OR 97202

InfoWorld 04/30/01
"The Honeymoon Is Over"--When the relationship with your outsourcer
falls apart, should you get counseling or call it quits?

InfoWorld 02/05/01
"Driving Home Recruitment"--Economic development corporations turn to IT


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