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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 09/19/01

Replying to LO27196 --

Dear Organlearners,

Richard Seel <richard@richard-seel.demon.co.uk> writes

>At, I agree that some gardeners are have much greater
>empathy the garden than others. But it seems to me that
>there is still a fundamental flaw in the analogy
>gardener : garden :: manager : living systems organisation
>It seems to me that it should read
>plant : garden :: manager : living systems organisation

Greetings dear Richard,

The flaw is not so much in the metaphor as in the learning of the

The gardener who has "profound knowledge" (to use Deming's concept) of
gardening keeps, for example, the wholeness of the garden in mind. It is
not only the plants which matters, but also the microorganisms in the
soil, insects and large animals such as birds, frogs and lizards.

Let me give you an interesting example. Should a gardener in Pretoria
plant exotic trees and flowers, the garden will soon become infested with
many kinds of pests while few, if any large animals will visit the garden.
However, should the gardener plant indigenous trees and flowering plants,
the garden will soon become a paradize for these indigenous animals too.
Pests will seldom appear in such a paradize.

There was a time when people wanted to learn how to become such gardeners.
However, with all the political and economical unrest, few still care for
their gardens in this manner. Nurseries for indigenous plants have a hard
time to stay solvent. Few still exist.

>I don't think we are disagreeing, I probably didn't
>express myself clearly enough in my first post.
>This is very difficult stuff - I find it hard to get my
>head round it...

Articulating one's tacit knowledge is a hard job which seldom is is seldom
done succesfully on the first attempt. Nevertheless, those who try to do
it is on the path to wisdom.

With care and best wishes


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