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Date: 09/21/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Dennis Rolleston <> writes:

>You gave Mandela as an example of PM. At, in
>this respect we are seeing from the same set of
>eyes. Others in my opinion are Mohammed Ali,
>Viktor Frankl, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ghandi, Mother
>I would be happy if what people of this ilk expound(ed)
>is used and taught in the institutions that educate our children.

Greetings dear Dennis,

I think you have pressed your mental finger on a terrible sore of most
schools in the world.

To really make sense out of the wisdom of people such as those who you
have mentioned, pupils will have to learn authentically. But with rote
learning no emergence of wisdom is possible. I wish we all could
understand just how much children is robbed from their learning by forcing
them to do rote learning. Rote learning is deadly to a life-long PM
(Personal Mastery).

>While we talk about teaching PM to our children,
>I am certain that most adults could do with some
>refreshing or catching up.

Try to observe how much these adults needing PM had been subjected to rote

>I resigned this year after having spent 12 years
>on a secondary school board of trustees "doing
>my bit" for our children. I spend my days at
>work "doing my bit" to help the children of
>yesteryear cope with the work/develop PM, I
>will continue for life to do this and to develop
>my own PM

It is great to hear this. This is the way to transform our present
into one which will be able to cope with the anomalies of our present

With care and best wishes


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