I Want To Hear Your Voices LO27259

From: Mark (mark@bookrite.com)
Date: 09/24/01

Replying to LO27248 --

Here is one voice in response to your request John...

I feel grief for all the suffering, and the attachments and ignorance at
its root.

At the core of all of this for me is my own response. So far what this
means most of all is that the same dynamics playing themselves out in this
situation are present within my own being and the way I live my life. It
is only that I am learning to understand these dynamics and how they play
themselves out, and in so doing to create the possibility of sufficient
freedom to make other choices.

I join with you in this freedom, the work that leads toward it, and the
possibilities that flow from it.

With warm regards


Mark Feenstra
DDI +64 9 912 7373
PO Box 99193, Newmarket
Auckland, New Zealand


"Mark" <mark@bookrite.com>

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