I Want To Hear Your Voices LO27276

From: Leo Minnigh (l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl)
Date: 09/25/01

Replying to LO27248 --

Dear John, dear all LO'ers,

My voice in silence:


There fell a rounded droplet
in the middle of a pool.

A circle of recollection
grew to the margins.
One time shrunk an echo ring
of vague conjecture
back to its inception.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
Library Technical University Delft
PO BOX 98, 2600 MG Delft, The Netherlands
Tel.: 31 15 2782226
        Let your thoughts meander towards a sea of ideas.


Leo Minnigh <l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl>

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