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Date: 09/25/01

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Mark writes,

>One of the weaknesses I have experienced in relation to religion in
>general and spiritual (or mystical) paths in particular (as I have more
>experience of these) is that they tend to provide very limited support or
>encouragement for the development

I certainly do not have the answers to the above. But two books interesting
to read are:
Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramahansa Yogananda (Hardcover - July 1994)

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (A Harvest Book)
by Jose Saramago, Giovanni Pontiero (Translator) (Paperback - September 1994)

The Yogananda book is one of the best spiritual books I have read. He is
deceased (1948). He established an Organization called the Self
Realization Institute, headquarterd in California (of course). His
teachings deflect any self promotion or leader worship and focus on God.
He is also very respectful, inclusive and non-competitive with organized
religions. Many pathways can take one to the destination. Perhaps his
writings may offer some insights.

The other book is great reading, especially for Christians. It describes
Christ as a regular guy. I appreciated the perspective.

I have been quiet on the list for some time now. Best wishes to all in
these trying times. May our leaders and each of us as individual
participants be granted insights, broad (vs narrow) perspectives and most
importantly act in thoughtful ways.

thanks to all for your insights and sharing
Michael Bremer
the cumberland group

[Host's Note: Welcome back, Michael! ..Rick]


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