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Date: 09/26/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

>Last night I watched film footage of fundamentalist
>Taliban militiamen in Afghanistan parade a young
>woman around a UN funded and local government
>built open air football stadium, the stadium was
>provided for the community so that they may enjoy
>'recreation' in an otherwise devastated land, devastated
>both spiritually and physically by wars of cruel Russian
>After they 'paraded' her......
>....did the young girl go like an exploded red
>carnation to join the bullet grounded, though
>she now truly the more truly grounded.

Greetings dear Andrew,

This is happening all over the world in many countries. Only in a few of
these countries the terrorising extremists are calling themselves Muslims.
In all the other countries the terrorising extremists call themselves by
other religions or even political banners to give legitimacy to their

Sometimes the execution scene is a stadion and sometimes it is even an
ordinary street such as in your own beloved country. Sometimes the
spectators are at the execution scene in person and sometimes they sit in
their house in front of a TV. Sometimes the scene is real and sometimes it
is acted like in a movie.

For every act of deadly violence someone gets richer, whether it is an
ammunition manufacturer or a movie actor. To support every violent death
someone gets poorer, whether the person pays tax or an admission fee.
After every death by violence someone laughs going to the bank while
someone griefs going to the grave yard. Before every deliberately
contemplated death not yet recognised by his law as homicide, the leader
issuing the death warrant will justify it as serving the holy goal. In one
case it may the leader of a terrorist cell while in the next case it may
be the leader of a nation calling itself civilised.

In many countries the rule of law is pictured as a blindfolded person
carrying a weight balance (scale). The blindfolding is intended to
symbolise the impartiality of the rule of law. However, this is the ideal.
For me it also symbolises the present reality -- the blindness of those
who make laws and those who apply them. It is the blindness of people who
got stuck into rote learning.

Dear Andrew, I have written it before and I will write it again. You are
an artist who knows the difference. Look deep into the eyes of the person
who speaks out defending his/her cause. The rote learner has the eyes of a
robot. (The "rote" comes from a French word which meant "machine".)

>Courage and freedom. Maybe At knows a
>name via etymology that encompasses both
>courage and freedom and I will paint a
>picture for her,

Yes, there was a word in OE (Old English) which expressed that very
meaning, namely "moed". It evolved into the modern form which you know as
"mood". We still have the "moed" in Afrikaans as the word "moed". The
Saxons used this "moed" when speaking of the "heart of the soul" rather
than the "heart of the body". For the latter they used the word "heort".
Sadly, the word "mood" has lost this profoundly deep meaning.

The word courage come from the Latin "cor"=heart. They did not have a word
for the "heart of the spirit". But the Greeks had the one word "kardia"
for "heart of the body" and the other word "psychee" for "heart of the
spirit". Now please go and read Rev 6:9 and Rev 20:4 in which this
"psychee" had been translated by "souls" to understand why your own soul
was so deeply moved.


Except in the minds of rote learners, my dear friend.

With care and best wishes


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