Available Now: Knowledge Navigator Free Pre-Release Trial LO27306

From: Nigel Vickers (thenige@sprint.ca)
Date: 09/27/01

To all who are interested in knowledge management . . .

Available Now: Knowledge Navigator Free Pre-Release Trial

September 21, 2001 -- Knowledge Management Alliance today announced the
availability of a free pre-release trial of its forthcoming Knowledge
Navigator online seminar.

 "We are targeting Fall 2001 for the general availability of the complete
Knowledge Navigator", stated Nigel Vickers, co-founder of the Knowledge
Management Alliance. "We decided to release the free trial ahead of
schedule to provide our clients with a head start on the full offering".

The objective of the Knowledge Navigator is to provide an effective,
economical vehicle for organizations to determine where knowledge
management fits into their corporate business plans.

"The free trial is open to everyone, and we look forward to hearing your
comments and sharing insights with you" added Vickers.

For more information, the Knowledge Management Alliance can be reached at
416-409-9999, or on the internet at http://www.km-alliance.com.


Nigel Vickers <thenige@sprint.ca>

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