LO's and Metanoia - First Notes on Metanoia LO27347

From: Artur F. Silva (artsilva@mail.eunet.pt)
Date: 10/04/01

Replying to LO27333

Dear At, Dear org-learners:

At 10:45 04-10-2001, AM de Lange wrote:

> (...) But I think that
>perhaps I think differently than you because perhaps we think from different
>paradigms. Allow me to explain.
>In my paradigm I think of truth not as a "being" (ontology), but as a

Maybe we have different paradigms, but not in relation with the point you
stated. I accept the point and frequently are even more interested in the
becoming than in the being. As it will be probably clear in the post on
Alberony (already sent) the point with metanoia is more the "becoming"
part of your pair "becoming-being".

>I think that whoever wants to lead/guide/facilitate any organisation in any
>truth should have self cycled several times through that truth as an EO. In
>other words, "making-true" your truth "we need to understand and facilitate
>metanoia in our organizations" implies that the leader/guider/facilitator had
>to have done it at least once self. Only then will that
>have acquired the capacity to lead/guide/facilitate the organisation which
>not yet have acquired the capacity.

As I have been doing that all my life, and in diferent settings, your
message was very important. It helped me understood that, with the
exception of my esperience at the University of Coimbra (LOs in Higher Ed
LO19405 - a Portuguese experience), I have not described all my other
revelant experiences. That would be important to allow our fellow learners
to understand the practices/experiences (and not only the ideas/books)
that conducted me, through many paradigm shifts, to this more theorectical
search and the models I am now proposing. Thanks, At. I will do that in a
subsequent mail.

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